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Client Testimonials
"I'm so glad that I chose First Class Driving School.Throughout learning it has been a pleasure to be taught by him. With Mostafa Jamal you will have a great time, never a problem too big to overcome giving you confidence on the road and in yourself.Thank you."
Balamurugan Ennamangalam Palanisamy

"I really enjoyed learning with First Class Driving School. Also I felt I learned a lot about driving from conversations with my instructor Mr.Jamal during lessons. I highly recommend First Class Driving School!"
Chandra Shekar

I just passed my driving test on the first go and would like to thank First Class Driving School for helping me achieve this. I would in particular like to thank Mr.Mostafa Jamal my driving instructor. He was patient, and professional and he is very passionate about his job. He made sure that I was more than ready for the driving exam. Thank you very much.
Mamta Singh

I would like to thank Mr.Jamal at First Class Driving School for his excellent services. He is a very efficient instructor.Thanks to him I passed my practical driving test without a single error.I would recommend First Class Driving School to anyone.
Derah Singh

I would like to thank the First Class driving school for their amazing driving skills and helping me achieve to get my license. I would recommend First Class driving school to anyone keen or not so keen on driving, awesome outcome without pressure. Thanks to Mostafa Jamal My Instructor.
Narendra kumar Patel

Today I passed my driving test.Thanks very much the”First Class Driving School” and specially to Mr. Mostafa Jamal. As my driving instructor he ensured that I would become a professional and safe driver. He was patient, and professional and is a person any learner would be lucky enough to have as the first driving instructor. He always ensured by demonstration that I am convinced of doing the right thing. Thank you very much again.
Bhanik Kumar Patel

"We would like to thank Mostafa Jamal and First Class Driving School for all the help and support they have given to pass practical driving and theory test so quickly and at the first time of trying. We highly recommend this company."
Jankiben Patel

"Mr.Jamal an honest guy and a brilliant instructor. he did what was necessary to get me ready for the test, like he said he would. I'm really pleased with everything.I would recommend First Class Driving School to anyone wanting to learn to drive."
Ranjit Kumar